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Ikebana of Keika-Kazan School

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Ikebana is the Japanese word for Japanese flower arranging, which is becoming popular all over the world these days. There are many different styles of ikebana, and our style, which we refer to as scenic flower arrangement, is one distinct style of ikebana.

We always arrange a natural scene like a stream, a valley, a lake, and so on. This is our defining characteristic and is why we call our style scenic flower arrangement.

Each style of ikebana forms a school, and the school name of our style, established by Bunga Tanuma in 1930, is Keika-Kazan School.

What you will learn

In Keika-Kazan School you will learn step-by-step the traditional forms of arranging various beautiful natural scenes using branches, flowers and old burnished pieces of wood from mulberry trees together beautifully as if that scene truly exists in nature.


                                                 Gorge in autumn



                                                    Clear sky



                                               Quiet lakeside


We have regular courses and email courses

In the regular courses, you attend a class and learn directly from the instructor. You will complete one arrangement in each class.

In the email courses, the instructor will teach you by email. You will send a picture of your arrangement to the instructor, then instructor will send you the advices to improve your arrangement.  You will take a few days to complete one arrangement.

There are four fundamental courses and five advanced courses in the both regular and email courses.

The teacher's certificate of Keika-Kazan School can be obtained after completing all the courses in either regular courses or email courses. 

Please visit http://www.keikakazan.org/email-regular-courses for the information about all the courses.





Tools and Materials


  • Mulberry wood


Mulberry wood is necessary for the ikebana of Keika-Kazan School. Our scenic flower arrangement is created by the combination of tree branches, flowers, and mulberry wood.

  • Scissors


This picture shows an ikebana clipper, but you can also use other types of clippers.


  • Kenzans (Frogs)



  • Container (13 x 7 1/2 inches or larger sizes are desirable.) 





These containers are made by Ami Hirata. If you are interested in her works, call her at (304) 296-7546 or (304) 282-1235.




The instructor will purchase flowers at a wholesale store and charge students what she paid for the flowers. The material fee for each lesson should be approximately $5.  Students can also bring flowers from their yard instead of buying them if they prefer.  Free branches will be provided.



Motoko Hattori

Iemoto (headmistress) of Keika-Kazan School and granddaughter of Bunga Tanuma the founder of Keika-Kazan School.

All flower arrangements on this website www.WVhanaflowers.com were made by Motoko.



Email keika_ikebana@yahoo.com or WVhanaflowers@yahoo.com .

You can also call Motoko at (304) 598-9541 or (304) 692-5048.