Flower Arrangements

for all occasions


Ikebana is the Japanese word for Japanese flower arranging. It is becoming popular all over the world these days. There are many styles of ikebana, and our style, which we refer to as scenic flower arrangement, is one distinct style of ikebana. Each style of ikebana forms a school, and the school name of our style is Keika-Kazan School, which was established by Bunga Tanuma in 1930.    

Please go to www.keikakazan.org for the further information. 

Scenic flower arrangement

Our unique style

Scenic flower arrangements are an elegant centerpiece or accent for any kind of occasion, whether it's a ceremony, a party or any other event.


                               Waterscape in spring

  • Scenes are arranged with branches, flowers and old mulberry wood.
  • Scenes can be streams, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, seashores or any other natural settings.
  • Sizes range from approximately 13 by 8 inches to 24 by 15 inches.
  • Prices start at $50. 
  • The containers, flower holders (called frogs) and mulberry wood are not sold with the arrangement, but instead are considered essential hardware for creating this kind of art and are recycled by Hana Flowers to make more arrangements.
    • We would like to thank all of our customers for always so kindly returning them to us so we can continue making this beautiful art.


                                 Autumn at riverside



                                  Stream in a mountain



                                     Flowery lakefront



                             Autumn flowers beside a pond



                                     Gorge in autumn



                                       Late autumn



                            Pond in a Japanese garden



                                 Brook in a spring field



                                       Spring sunshine


The pictures above are examples only. Our scenic flower arrangements will vary each time. What we do is take your request of the kind of scene you want and we lovingly create a work for you that is completely individual--a one-time piece of art.

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